Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dasypus crotalus

Vaspaïme Paris joins forces with The Arkadelphia Free Range Armadillo Ranch to present


Extrait de Parfum


Charangoûté is an arresting fragrance for a woman who radiates a sense of adventure.

Embolden yourself with this scent that seduces with Animalic, Apple Blossom and Halüfaronniér notes. Allow it to access the inner depths of your rustic enigma.

The Five-banded musk rattler is the only species of Armadillo with a rattle (composed of modified scutes) in its tail. The rattle houses a musk-secreting gland whose aroma inspires caution in predators but affects humans differently. Vaspaïme Laboratories have tinctured the dried exudate only so much as is necessary for use. The result is pure Ozark exhilaration.

The bottle is a masterpiece of enhanced nature. The shell of a real armadillo’s rattle has been coated in transparent Acrylplast and set on a sumptuous Art Deco base. Its eclectic fusion of smooth curves and rough edges suggest mystery and excitement to come.

Experience Charangoûté, and enter the wilderness of the woman who wears it.

Vaspaïme. You can smell the difference care makes.©